The symptoms and effects of mesothelioma cause extensive financial hardship on the victims and their families. As the disease progresses, patients may experience rapidly growing medical bills, lost wages and other ongoing costs for themselves and their families. The costs of battling mesothelioma far exceed the financial realm as well.

Even when treated early, this disease wreaks havoc on the body, leaving permanent pain, scar tissue and lingering symptoms, as indicated by the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. Patients may have to deal with emotional setbacks, including a pervasive fear of recurrence, throughout the rest of their life. Mesothelioma impacts both the quality and quantity of life for affected patients.

Since this disease is caused by direct exposure to asbestos, investigative legal representatives can trace the origins back to a single entity or event. At that point, it is important for patients to seek compensation to cover the total costs of mesothelioma.

Compensation Package Considerations

When working toward a compensation settlement, the amount paid out may cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing costs
  • Lost wages
  • Family hardship
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional toll
  • Lifespan impacts
  • Loss of life

With the settlement funds, patients and their families can focus on moving forward with recovery. Many successful cases are hitting the headlines due to the increased awareness about the dangers of asbestos.  Companies and other entities responsible for exposing people to toxic substance are having to pay up to rectify the damage caused.

Due to the prevalence of asbestos use as a building material, the cases are being fought around the globe. Each of the cases utilize the above factors to identify the required compensation package amount. The outcomes may inspire other mesothelioma patients to hold the responsible party accountable for the development of this debilitating disease.

Seven Mesothelioma Case Examples

Opera House Exposure

As originally reported by Nine News, a Sydney Opera House contractor, George Dionysatos, succumbed to the effects of asbestos related mesothelioma in 2012. As the main breadwinner of the family, the loss of Mr. Dionysatos physically and mentally devastated his widow and left his children without the funds required for her care.

The family fought for compensation to cover the lost future wages, medical bills and court costs. The final settlement amount will far exceed the initial award sum of $490,000 as soon as the courts take the widow’s care needs into consideration.

Talcum Powder Contamination

A case reported by PR Newswire tells the tale of an individual who contracted mesothelioma from prolonged contact with asbestos-laden talcum powder. The victim inhaled the asbestos fragments in great quantities throughout years of use. Since the presence of asbestos in the formula was no mistake, the manufacturing company carried nearly full liability for the victim’s deadly illness.

Furthermore, the jury determined the company failed to warn the victim, and other consumers, about the danger of inhaling the product for any length of time. The total settlements amount of $13 million will help cover medical bills for diagnostics, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or other procedures the patient elects to have performed.  The payout amount acts as a public service announcement while compensating the victim for pain and suffering.

Factory Work Danger

According to the Watford Observer, a legacy of asbestos related mesothelioma has plagued the Libby family. After two family members died from this lung disease, Dave Libby elected to seek out the source and linked the condition back to the factory work all three performed. Throughout the employment period, these factory workers had to create product and part moldings out of the raw asbestos with very little protective gear.

In an effort to keep stress levels low, and obtain a swift compensation package to cover ongoing financial needs, Libby’s legal representatives pursued a settlement with the factory operators. The case was quickly settled out of court to help the victim pay for his medical care, cover lost wages and cope with the rapidly progressing disease.

Fareham Region Risk

With record numbers of mesothelioma patients popping up through the Fareham region, the medical and legal systems are taxed with handling the repercussions. According to reports from The Portsmouth News site, chronic workplace asbestos exposure from thirty to forty years ago is just now starting to result in extensive cases of mesothelioma. The problem is so bad that the government had to instate the Mesothelioma Act to provide compensation to the victims and their families.

Since many of the recipients find the act stipulations too limiting, and the settlement amounts far too low, individual cases may end up in court anyway. The current compensation rate only cover 80% of the financial burden with little to no acknowledgement of the mental and physical tolls the victims experience. Furthermore, the rather abrupt 2012 cutoff date eliminated help for people who fell ill after the given month and year.

Deadly Asbestos Gaskets

According to Buffalo News, justice was finally served for a worker, William R. Voelker, who was exposed to asbestos on the jobsite. Voelker’s main job duties included the production of gaskets out of asbestos material. The workers did not wear heavy protective gear nor receive ample warnings about the risk to their health. After the victim fell ill with mesothelioma in 2013, he ended up passing away a short four months later.

On the behalf of the victim, the surviving family members elected to seek out compensation to hold the gasket company accountable for their loved ones’ preventable illness and death. The final compensation package of $1.42 million will cover all of the treatment costs, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, plus account for the suffering of all involved.

University Lab Exposure

As initially reported by The Morehead News, a former student and worker at a university lab recently filed a lawsuit against that entity after developing mesothelioma from direct asbestos exposure. The exposure occurred when the victim had to directly work with the asbestos fibers. Since the case involves misdiagnosis and prolonged pain and suffering, the victim is seeking a higher than normal award amount of $1 billion dollars.

The victim plans to pay all of the current and future medical bills with the collected settlement funds. The funds may also pay for lost wages for the past four years out of work due to the debilitating symptom progression. Continued lost wages are also taken into account when determining a fair settlement amount to award to the victim.

Contaminated Bus Parts

Douglas Dowty at reports that former bus driver, Lewis Nash, developed mesothelioma in 2011 after decades of prolonged exposure to asbestos on the jobsite. The automotive parts, including brakes and gaskets, contained high amounts of asbestos, which released fibers into the air during maintenance and repair tasks. The exposure quickly took its toll, leading to the death of Nash just one year after diagnosis.

The remaining family members testified on his behalf to hold the bus company accountable for their actions. The court upheld the family’s claims and awarded the group nearly $8 million in funds. The court indicated that the funds represented compensation for Nash’s pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of life and impact on the surviving members of the family.

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