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Top 5 Types of Reverse Mortgage Scams

Reverse mortgages are lending constructions designed specifically for elderly people. Essentially, these allow seniors to convert their home’s equity into income, so that they have more to live on than just their social security and personal pensions. However, reverse mortgages can be incredibly risky, and a number of scams already exist, with more appearing regularly.… Read More »

Understanding Predatory Lending And What To Do About It

Predatory lending and mortgage fraud are frighteningly common and must be stopped. A lending practice is considered to be abusive if it places homeowners in financial hardship or if it strips away their properties’ equity. In many cases, predatory brokers will lie on mortgage documents, including application forms. This is classed as fraud against the… Read More »

8 Signs Of Predatory Lending To Be Aware Of

Some lenders engage in practices that are known as ‘predatory lending’. This means that they are fraudulent, deceptive and/or unfair in their behavior. There is no real legal definition of the practice, but there are laws to protect consumers from it. It is unfortunate that some people continue to fall victim to these types of… Read More »

11 Ways to Avoid Financial Fraud

These days, there are many types of financial fraud that you need to watch out for. Some of the financial fraud involves old-fashioned check writing, and others involve online financial fraud, and still others involve complex investment fraud. Whichever you are the victim of, it can really wreak havoc in your life. To minimize chances… Read More »