Product Liability

J&J to Pay $110 M in the Latest Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Claim

Last month Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay more than $110 million to a Virginia woman over claims that she developed ovarian cancer as a result of decades of using Johnson’s Baby Powder for feminine hygiene. The verdict, which came out of a state court in St. Louis, is the largest so far in… Read More »

J&J Loses 3rd Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Over Baby Talc

Johnson and Johnson has lost another lawsuit over its talcum powder that is alleged in some cases to cause cancer. A jury in St. Louis awarded $70 million to a woman in California who claimed that her ovarian cancer was due to many years of using a baby talc that was made by J&J. The… Read More »

When to Hire a Lawyer for Exploding Airbags & Injuries

Making the decision to consult with a lawyer about an injury can be daunting if you have never worked with one before. The basic process for obtaining legal help is similar to the process of finding other professionals, such as a doctor or teacher. You want to find a lawyer who is highly qualified and… Read More »

The Truth Behind Exploding Airbags + Death or Injury

Many people have heard about the problems with exploding airbags through widely publicized reports in the news media. It may seem to be a huge problem for individuals, and with recalls issued for multi-millions of vehicles, it also is a widespread problem for manufacturers. However, in terms of potential danger to drivers or passengers, the… Read More »

Airbags Failed to Deploy in Accident – 4 Steps to Take

Drivers have a duty to know how their vehicles should function and also how potential problems might affect their driving, such as airbag failures. Knowing these things is the best way to maintain your duty to drive with care and safety. Airbags have been the subject of major recalls since it was first discovered that… Read More »

St Jude Medical Defibrillator Lawsuit FAQ

In October 2016, St. Jude Medical told both patients and doctors that a small number of its 350,000 defibrillators that were implanted in the US could have the a battery problem that makes the devices cease to function without warning. The devices are supposed to issue a ‘warning’ vibration of low battery at least three… Read More »

Why Choose a GM Airbag Lawyer

People who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in accidents due to airbag system failures turn to the legal system to obtain justice. Proving negligence in these GM airbag lawsuits is a job for an experienced GM Airbag Lawyer who understands the history of the many airbag issues that have caused a variety of… Read More »

GM Defective Airbag List of Cars

As part of a continuing plan to enhance vehicle safety, General Motors Company (GM) announced in September, 2016, that they would recall another 4.3 million vehicles worldwide to address another airbag problem. This time, the defect is in the software that controls airbag deployment. A defect may be present that would prevent deployment of the… Read More »

GM Airbag Lawsuit What To Know

In recent years, there have been multiple lawsuits filed against airbag manufacturers and companies like GM, that install airbags on vehicles as required by law. Because of airbag failures and resulting injuries or deaths from those failures, many owners of GM model vehicles are now participating in a GM airbag lawsuit. Drivers and passengers who… Read More »

ARC Airbag Recall Probe

In recent years, millions of vehicle owners have been contacted by automotive manufacturers about getting replacements for defective airbag inflators and other components. Most of the airbags in question were produced by Takata, but another airbag producer, ARC Automotive Inc. (ARC), is now targeted in a probe by U.S. safety regulators for the same issues.… Read More »

Subaru Airbag Recall & Lawsuit Tips

Like other automotive manufacturers, Subaru is recalling millions of their vehicles to replace Takata airbags that may have defects that could cause deployment failures. This is a global problem, potentially affecting at least 34 million cars, trucks and motorcycles in the United States alone. Although there have been relatively few deaths and accidents due to… Read More »

Nissan/Infiniti Airbag Recall & Lawsuit Tips

In cooperation with ongoing government and manufacturer safety efforts, recalls have been issued for vehicles outfitted with possibly defective Takata airbags, including many vehicles with the Nissan/Infinity brand. Nissan has been working hard to notify at least 694,626 potentially affected vehicles, including their Infinity models. Nissan/Infiniti Airbag Recall Nissan is taking extra steps to reach… Read More »

Acura Airbag Recall & Lawsuit Tips

Acura, a luxury brand of parent company Honda, was first introduced to the U.S. market in 1986. It is known for its high level features and performance. In recent years, Acura has joined most other automotive manufacturers in a broad recall of vehicles due to risks of failure of Takata airbags. Takata airbags are used… Read More »

Honda Defective Airbag Recall + Deployment Failure

With the latest recalls issued for vehicles that were built with standard equipment Takata airbags, American Honda Motor Company now has targeted about 10.7 million Honda and Acura automobiles for replacement of certain airbag inflator parts. In addition, recalls have been issued for approximately 2,700 Honda Gold Wing motorcycles that contain optional Takata airbags. This… Read More »

BMW Airbag Recall & Lawsuit Tips

A staggering number of vehicles are being recalled worldwide for defective airbags, including about 34 million in the U.S. These airbags, produced by Takata, do not perform as expected and defects have caused several deaths and over 300 injuries. BMW and other manufacturers who make or sell vehicles in the U.S. are required to have… Read More »

Chrysler Airbag Recall Update

Recent recalls for vehicles equipped with Takata airbags affect about 34 million vehicles worldwide. In the United States, Fiat/Chrysler has responded to this problem in 2015 by recalling 753,156 vehicles in the U.S., and another 175,341 elsewhere in North America. The defect noted in the latest recall is one that may cause the airbags to… Read More »

Ford Airbag Recall Update

Have You Been Hurt by a Defective Airbag? Did it fail to deploy? Compensation may be available. Complete the form to your right or call us today. Ford Motor Company joins other manufacturers in recalling certain vehicles that are subject to Takata airbag deployment failures. Overall, about 34 million vehicles worldwide have been issued recall… Read More »

GM Cars Airbag Recall Update

Major recalls of vehicle models outfitted with Takata airbags now have been issued for over 34 million cars and trucks. The recalls include many models of General Motors vehicles with Takata airbags that may exhibit several types of defects. Most of the recalls affect models produced between 2000 and 2011, but more recent models are… Read More »

Toyota Airbag Recall & Lawsuit Tips

To address just one type of airbag defect, Toyota has issued recalls for over 1.3 million vehicles. This recall is for replacement of potentially defective Takata airbags that could deactivate during a crash. This is only one of several defects that involve airbags produced by Takata. Overall, some 34 million cars, trucks and motorcycles made… Read More »