Credit card fraud is theft or fraud that uses a credit or debit card as a fraudulent fund source during a financial transaction. The purpose of credit card fraud is to obtain goods without paying, or to get funds from an account. Credit card fraud is related to identity theft, which is where a person uses stolen or faked documents to open a credit account in another person’s name. Another type of identity theft is account takeover where the criminal poses as a real customer, gets control of the account and makes illegal transactions.

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Telemarketing & Robo Calls Lawsuit

Telemarketing and robocall lawsuits can be filed against companies that make regular, unwanted calls to consumers. These lawsuits allege consumers are being harassed by telemarketing companies who make repeated telephone calls, text messages or faxes. A recent US Supreme Court ruling has opened the door for more litigation against companies that make relentless nuisance telephone… Read More »

Equifax Data Breach Lawsuit Protection

The Federal Trade Commission recently started a claim process for people who want to be reimbursed for their losses, time and out of pocket costs related to the Equifax security breach in 2017. This exposed the personal data of at least 145 million US consumers. As part of the $700 million settlement with the FTC,… Read More »

How to Keep Kids Safe Using Social Media

Before they’re even in middle school, the average American child has a smartphone and at least one social media account. More than any other generation before them, today’s young people are digital natives, using the internet, online gaming and joining social networks on a regular basis from a very early age. That’s why it’s crucial… Read More »

45+ Resources for How to Protect Your Kids Online

The Internet can be a wealth of information to help you with your homework, and it can be an enjoyable place to connect with friends and family. As convenient and entertaining as the Internet is, there are some dangerous aspects about it, too. The World Wide Web is a vast arena, and you can’t always… Read More »

Guide to Crime Prevention and Protection

Crime is a threat to the peace and health of everyone who lives in the U.S. While the risk of becoming a victim may be higher in some areas than others, the potential is always present. These crimes may consist of anything from burglary to assault. To protect oneself from becoming a victim, it is… Read More »

Understanding Predatory Lending And What To Do About It

Predatory lending and mortgage fraud are frighteningly common and must be stopped. A lending practice is considered to be abusive if it places homeowners in financial hardship or if it strips away their properties’ equity. In many cases, predatory brokers will lie on mortgage documents, including application forms. This is classed as fraud against the… Read More »

Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors

Unfortunately, the elderly are prime targets for scams, so much so that scams that are focused on them are known as ‘the crime of the 21st century’. The reason behind this is mainly because fraudsters believe seniors have lots of money. Additionally, it is a known fact that many scams are unreported and that they… Read More »

Guide To Fraud And Protecting the Elderly

The elderly are at particular risk of fraud. This is why numerous pieces of documentation and help are available to make sure senior citizens are protected from this. Aside from the common fraud schemes listed by the FBI, there are many other types of fraud of which seniors are particularly vulnerable. Let’s take a look.… Read More »

14 Best Ways to Avoid Financial Fraud (Updated)

There are many forms of financial fraud that you should keep a look out for. Common financial fraud involves writing phony checks. And other forms involve complex types of financial fraudulent activities. And still others feature investment fraud. Whichever type of fraud hits you, it can turn your finances upside down. But with enough foresight… Read More »

What are the Dangers of Payday Loans?

The economy may be recovering somewhat, a lot of people are still struggling for money. When the holiday season approaches, this struggle becomes even harder. People feel the pressure at many times, which is why they may be tempted to search for payday loans. Unfortunately, payday lenders are, essentially, predatory, as they specifically look for… Read More »

11 Things To Do If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

If you fear that your identity has been stolen, or if you fear there is a chance that it may have been stolen, it is vital that you know what to do. You may, for instance, have accidentally shared personal information online or lost your wallet, or maybe your home has been burglarized. The following… Read More »

Tips to Help You Avoid Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is a complex form of fraud. It involves a material omission, misrepresentation or misstatement on a loan application. This false information is used by the lender to make decisions. In very simple terms, if there is a lie on your mortgage application, you are committing fraud. A number of specific types of mortgage… Read More »

What Is The Definition Of A Ponzi Scheme?

Bernie Madoff entered a guilty plea on March 12, 2009 for his involvement in history’s largest ever Ponzi scheme. Through his scheme, investors were swindled out of $65 billion. Madoff was hailed as a genius by many Wall Street experts, but most of these experts also stated that they weren’t surprised to learn that he… Read More »

10 Tips To Avoid Scams And Fraudsters

Millions of people in this country and in other countries around the world find themselves defrauded by scam artists each year. Fraudsters use any means at their disposal to scam people, including the telephone, postal mail, email and the internet. Scammers attempt to trick their victims into divulging their personal information, or into sending them… Read More »

10 Types Of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is often seen as a victimless crime, but it’s not. When an insurance company is defrauded, people who honestly pay their premiums are the ones who suffer, as their insurance costs go up. In 2009, insurance companies lost an estimated $30 billion per year, which all had to be recuperated from honest consumers.… Read More »

Types of Telemarketing Fraud & Protection

Telephone and telemarketing fraud is a type of fraud whereby a con artist speaks to a potential victim by using the telephone. Telemarketing, however, is also a legitimate way to conduct business. Because of this, it is all too easy for a criminal to pose as a trusted business and obtain information about someone’s identity… Read More »

What Is Consumer Fraud?

Consumer fraud comes in many different shapes and forms. However, the official definition describes it as “deceptive practices that result in financial or other losses for consumers in the course of seemingly legitimate business transactions.” Basically, this means that goods or services are sold using some form of deception. The goal is to make consumers… Read More »

Top 10 Most Popular Consumer Scams

The Better Business Bureau receives thousands of messages from consumers each month complaining about a scam they have fallen victim to or that they have spotted. Some of the scams only involve a few dollars, others have cost people their life’s savings. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the number of complaints continues to rise… Read More »

How To File A Consumer Fraud Complaint

It is very important that you file a fraud complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) if you feel you have been victimized. Even if it may not help resolve your immediate situation, it will help law enforcement agencies and the FTC to stop con artists from continuing with their practices and even bring them… Read More »

12+ Most Common Types Of Fraud & Schemes

It is estimated that 30 million people in the United States every year are victims of fraud. However, only a fraction of them are ever aware of it and alert the authorities. The types of fraud they fall prey to is almost endless. As soon as one common type of fraud is identified and people… Read More »