With all of the technology available today, there are many options available to keep your family safe. Here are 10 ways and products that you can use to keep everyone at home safe:


You can now keep track of almost anyone, anything or even a dog with a GPS transmitter. So, if you are worried about where your teenaged daughter is with her car, you can have a GPS monitor on her car. Or, you can link a GPS device to her cell phone so that you can keep track of her speed and location.


An alarm system on your home will not always prevent a robbery. Police response can be slow and the robber may be able to get away even if the alarm goes off. Still, research shows that the criminal will leave the scene faster if an alarm system goes off. And there is no doubt that a neighborhood with many alarm systems is a safer place to live.


Home security cameras are not just for the rich today. You can easily install a few wireless cameras on the corners of your house and then connect them to your computer network. And now you have a simple and effective home surveillance system. You can then view the feed on any device with Internet access, including a cell phone.


Anyone with young children eventually loses track of their child in a public place, and it can be scary. Now you can attach a transmitter to your child, usually around her neck. You keep the receiver in your pocket or purse. If she gets more than a certain number of feet away, the alarm goes off. You can set the alarm to go off anywhere from 6-30 feet away.


Audio baby monitors came out years ago, but now there are video monitors that are wireless, multi angle, and more expensive models even include night vision! So, you can keep an eye on your little one as he is sleeping from your bedroom or living room.


A gun of course is useful for self defense, but if you want to have a nonlethal weapon available that can deter criminals, a Taser is a good option. A Taser is attractive because you can be as much as 15 feet away from the assailant when you tase him. A study has found that most criminals are scared away just by the mere sight of a Taser.


Radon kills at least 20,000 people per year, and is the second leading cause of lung cancer. This is a colorless and odorless gas that leaks into the air from uranium decaying in soil. Without any action, radon gas can be trapped in a house. A radon alarm can be purchased that will alert you if radon ever reaches unsafe levels in your house.


Did you know you can now buy a wireless doorbell that contains a hidden camera? You can record every person that comes to your door. Most of these products have a memory card and allows you to record high res images. However, it only records when the doorbell is pressed, so it probably isn’t going to help you ID a criminal who didn’t ring the bell!


This is an inexpensive alternative to a full home alarm system. You just put these little plastic devices on either side of the door opening. When someone opens the door, an alarm sounds. It will not call the police for you, but it will scare off many burglars.


A video intercom system allows you to get a good look at someone before you go to the door. This is a better alternative than looking out the window and announcing your presence. And it is certainly better than opening the door for a stranger.