Many TV commercials today promote a variety of legal matters, offering help to people who have been harmed by product use or failure. In some regions, multiple plaintiffs join together in one legal process, a class action lawsuit. This may or may not be your best course of action if you are among those affected by a particular problem. One such example is seen in the latest advertising about talcum powder use and related cancers. Before 1971, some talc products in the United States contained asbestos, which has now been proven to cause cancer. Recent talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits have been filed on behalf of women who developed ovarian cancer after using talcum powder products for many years.

Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

For decades, talcum powder has been used as a health product, recommended for use as a method for absorbing moisture from certain areas of the body. Unfortunately, now it has become a nightmare for many users who have developed ovarian cancer from long term use of these products. Awards in the multi-millions of dollars have already been levied against manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson and others. Since there is such a long time between use of the products and discovery of the cancers, many women are only facing this issue today.

TV Commercials about Talcum Powder Cancer

When you believe you developed cancer that is due to use of talcum powder, you may find you are listening more to TV Commercials that feature that legal issue. Without knowledge of the complete medical and legal issues, it is difficult to balance what you hear on TV against what you should actually do about your own concerns. Your best response is to turn to an experienced Personal Injury Attorney instead of calling those broadcast telephone numbers to get the answers you need.

The televised commercials about talcum powder cancer shine a light on this serious matter, especially if you are personally concerned about it because you or a loved one is dealing with this problem. The commercials about talcum powder cancer are informational, and they offer help in the form of legal support to obtain justice, usually termed “fair compensation” in the advertising message. People who are suffering from ovarian cancer may not realize that previous use of talcum powder could have caused their cancer. The TV commercials highlight this possibility and offer a legal solution for victims and others who have lost loved ones to ovarian cancer.

Inside the Campaigns

These campaigns are designed to present a problem and their legal solution. The advertisers know that they can reach people who are aware of this problem and also many more that are not aware that ovarian cancer can be caused by long term previous use of talcum powder. This is a serious problem that involves several legal issues, including negligent behavior by the product manufacturers. They failed to post warnings on their products about this potential danger, even long after they knew that these products could cause cancer. The other point the ads may convey is that there are class action lawsuits that victims might join. These advertisers want to represent you and thereby earn money for their representation services. Plaintiffs in class actions do not always reap rewards, but the attorneys do get paid.

Commercials Want You!

When you watch any commercial or read any advertisement, keep in mind that the main goal of that ad is to generate an action. Usually it is to prompt a response, get someone to call a telephone number or visit a website. In addition to prompting action by the viewer or reader, the ads should provide enough information to attract a certain audience who would be prime targets for that response. The prompt to call a phone number of visit a website is compelling, and the text of the message is written to support and generate that response.

One problem with these commercials is that you will not know much or anything about the sponsoring lawyers. Do they have experience in this area of law or are they just trying to hop on the gravy train? Do they offer fees on a contingency basis? If not, it is possible that they envision that results will not be profitable enough, so they will not want to do the research and work necessary to support your case. Chances are, if you do join in their legal action, you will just be one number of many and will never get the individual attention you deserve.

What Should You Do?

Bear in mind that in all legal cases, there may be a statute of limitations for making your claim. This could be from a year or more from the time you are diagnosed with cancer, and it can vary by state. This means it is highly important to seek legal representation immediately. If a TV commercial about talcum powder cancer peaks your interest, it is best to consult with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney who can meet personally with you and provide the strong legal advocacy that you need.

Resist the urge to call that broadcast telephone number or contacting the advertisers via their website. By working with your own attorney, you receive individualized legal advice, counsel and representation you can count on to work diligently on your behalf. If there is a class action lawsuit already in progress that you are eligible to join, they will know about it. You also may need to file your own individual lawsuit even if you can join a class action.

Talcum Powder Cancer Attorney

Our lawyers for talcum powder ovarian cancer work closely with clients to achieve the best possible results. It will be necessary to examine all records and history of the case to build a strong argument. Your medical reports may provide needed medical proof that particles from use of talcum powder products migrated up to the ovaries and are present in cancer cells. By working individually with our Personal Injury Attorney, every possible element of the case will be examined and used for your claim against the manufacturer.

In most talcum powder ovarian cancer case arguments, the primary issue is that the manufacturer was negligent by not providing warnings about this potential danger. They may also have violated implied warranties that their products were safe to use. If you have incurred medical expenses for treatment of ovarian cancer, you may file to claim fair compensation for that as well. Our experienced legal professional will save you time and expense for legal services, and you will know they have offered you all possible avenues of the legal process that you are entitled to pursue.

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