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Michael Bennett is Editor-in-Chief of Consumer Since 1999, he's worked across a multitude of areas of consumer protection including defective products, environmental issues, identity theft, predatory lending and more. His mission with Consumer is to promote & support competition in all industries but not at the expense of the consumer. If you find his articles helpful please share them with your readers.

Examples of Heartburn Drug Lawsuits

Popular medications for treatment of heartburn and other digestive disorders are among the most prescribed drugs available. Despite their widespread use and popularity, the number of heartburn drug lawsuits continues to grow. The core problem with these proton pump inhibitor (PPI) drugs is that they may have adverse side effects that develop after long term… Read More »

Is Heartburn Medicine Causing Kidney Disease, Renal Failure and Dialysis?

Heartburn and acid reflux are two common ailments that affect millions of people each year. In America, it is estimated that about 20 million people use drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to treat these physical problems. These drugs are among the most commonly prescribed drugs worldwide; they also are available in over-the-counter versions (OTC).… Read More »

How the Consumer Protection Watchdogs Help You

Fortunately for consumers, in the United States, there are several consumer protection agencies that serve as watchdogs, working hard to ensure that products and services in the marketplace are as safe as possible. These agencies work in various ways to set safety standards, examine and test products, publish alerts about safety issues, and to enforce… Read More »

Top Consumer Concerns for 2017

Consumer confidence is one of the most important elements of success that drives a thriving economy and keeps our nation growing. When making purchases of any kind, this confidence provides security and comfort about the quality, use and safety of those purchases. If there is a failure, there also must be a solution that offers… Read More »

When to Hire a Lawyer for Exploding Airbags & Injuries

Making the decision to consult with a lawyer about an injury can be daunting if you have never worked with one before. The basic process for obtaining legal help is similar to the process of finding other professionals, such as a doctor or teacher. You want to find a lawyer who is highly qualified and… Read More »

The Truth Behind Exploding Airbags + Death or Injury

Many people have heard about the problems with exploding airbags through widely publicized reports in the news media. It may seem to be a huge problem for individuals, and with recalls issued for multi-millions of vehicles, it also is a widespread problem for manufacturers. However, in terms of potential danger to drivers or passengers, the… Read More »

Airbag Didn’t Deploy in Accident – 4 Steps to Take

Drivers have a duty to know how their vehicles should function and also how potential problems might affect their driving, such as airbag failures. Knowing these things is the best way to maintain your duty to drive with care and safety. Airbags have been the subject of major recalls since it was first discovered that… Read More »

St Jude Medical Defibrillator Lawsuit FAQ

In October 2016, St. Jude Medical told both patients and doctors that a small number of its 350,000 defibrillators that were implanted in the US could have the a battery problem that makes the devices cease to function without warning. The devices are supposed to issue a ‘warning’ vibration of low battery at least three… Read More »

Takata Airbag Recall Could Take 7 Years to Complete

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated December 9 that it could take until 2023 before all Takata airbags can be repaired or replaced. This is a full 15 years after the first airbag was recalled. The NHTSA is taking steps to speed up the recall of the Takata airbags that could explode and… Read More »

Why Choose a GM Airbag Lawyer

People who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in accidents due to airbag system failures turn to the legal system to obtain justice. Proving negligence in these GM airbag lawsuits is a job for an experienced GM Airbag Lawyer who understands the history of the many airbag issues that have caused a variety of… Read More »

List of Common GM Airbag Injuries

Have You Been Hurt by a Defective Airbag? Did it fail to deploy? We can help. Complete the form to your right or call us today. Recent recalls of potentially defective airbags have affected millions of people worldwide, including about 28 million vehicle owners in the United States. Among American vehicle manufacturers, GM also has… Read More »

GM Defective Airbag List of Cars

As part of a continuing plan to enhance vehicle safety, General Motors Company (GM) announced in September, 2016, that they would recall another 4.3 million vehicles worldwide to address another airbag problem. This time, the defect is in the software that controls airbag deployment. A defect may be present that would prevent deployment of the… Read More »

GM Airbag Lawsuit What To Know

In recent years, there have been multiple lawsuits filed against airbag manufacturers and companies like GM, that install airbags on vehicles as required by law. Because of airbag failures and resulting injuries or deaths from those failures, many owners of GM model vehicles are now participating in a GM airbag lawsuit. Drivers and passengers who… Read More »

GM Airbags Failed to Deploy on 3.6 Million Vehicles

Have You Been Injured by an Airbag Failure? We can help. Complete the form to your right or call us today. General Motors recalled 3.6 million cars in the US in September 2016 for airbags that may fail to deploy in a crash, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the NHTSA,… Read More »

J&J Loses 3rd Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Over Baby Talc

Johnson and Johnson has lost another lawsuit over its talcum powder that is alleged in some cases to cause cancer. A jury in St. Louis awarded $70 million to a woman in California who claimed that her ovarian cancer was due to many years of using a baby talc that was made by J&J. The… Read More »

How to Protect Your Kids From Too Much Screen Time

Here are some great highlights from a technology/screen focused infographic. You can clearly say technology has its disadvantages! Are digital drugs turning our kids into addicts who are always jonesing for their next fix? If hindsight is 20/20—be proactive when it comes to how much screen time you allow your kids 1 out of 4… Read More »

Drug Cocktails: Are the Side Effects Worth it?

Fact is all illegal drugs, prescription medication, over the counter (OTC) pills, & even herbal supplements cause side effects! Don’t take matters into your own hands—talk to your doctor or pharmacist to find out if you’re at risk for complicated drug interactions. Embed this infographic on your site or within a blog post: (Copy Paste This… Read More »

New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyer for Asbestos Cancer

New Jersey is very closely linked to the history of the asbestos industry in the modern world. There are many different natural asbestos sources, but it is also the state where corporations were first brought to justice, after their 40 year silence. The state is highly industrialized, something that started during the 19th century’s Industrial… Read More »

Nebraska Mesothelioma Lawyer for Asbestos Cancer

Nebraska’s economy relies mainly on ranching. However, there are also small manufacturing areas, as well as power plants. Here, it is possible that workers, their families, and residents have been exposed to dangerous asbestos levels. This is particularly true for those around the W.R. Grace vermiculite plant, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company, the… Read More »