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Michael Bennett is Editor-in-Chief of Consumer Since 1999, he's worked across a multitude of areas of consumer protection including defective products, environmental issues, identity theft, predatory lending and more. If you find his articles helpful please share them with your readers.

Hyundai Kia Airbag Lawsuit

Airbags in some Kia and Hyundai vehicles have failed recently to inflate in crashes and four people have been killed. Now the National HIghway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to get to the bottom of why this is happening. The agency is in the midst of a large investigation pertaining to at least 425,000 vehicles… Read More »

Airbag Chemical Burns Can be Life Threatening

Airbags have been helpful over the years to protect passengers and drivers when there are car accidents. But they also have a record of causing serious or even fatal injuries. Even if an airbag deploys as intended, it can the victim with scars and permanent disfigurement. One of the most common types of injuries with… Read More »

Fatality or Death from Defective or Exploding Airbags?

In 2018, another faulty Takata airbag ruptured and killed the driver because it flung shrapnel into her head during an accident. According to the Florida State Highway Patrol, it was an accident she would have survived if not for the airbag. The woman, Nichol Barker, 34, was at least the 21st person who has been… Read More »

What Causes An Airbag to Explode While Hardly Moving

Your car’s airbag system is one of the most important parts of the safety system for the vehicle. Proper inflation of the airbag at the right time may ensure that you and passengers survive an accident that could have caused serious injury or death. Airbags have saved thousands of lives through the years. The airbag… Read More »

Arsenal of Tech to Protect Our Planet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Keeping the air clean, the Earth green and our waters blue is as important as ever for consumers, corporations and citizens in general. Since the Industrial Revolution, our planet has become more and more dependent on technology and the energy that drives it. To power our homes, businesses, schools, public places etc. we turned to… Read More »

Can You Can Sue for An Airbag Not Deploying?

Have You Been Hurt by a Defective Auto Airbag? Did it fail to deploy or explode? We can help. Complete the form to your left or call us today. ALERT: Auto Airbag maker Takata to pay $1 billion to settle US air bag probe. Source: Wall Street Journal We all assume that our seatbelts will protect… Read More »

Big Pharma Getting Slammed With Opioid Lawsuits

As the opioid addiction epidemic continues to take thousands of lives across America each year, more states and local jurisdictions are taking legal action against the companies that they say are largely causing the crisis: pharmaceutical companies. These multi-million dollar lawsuits typically argue that drug companies are intentionally misleading the public about the dangers of… Read More »

Auto Airbag Failure Settlements & Lawsuits

Have You Been Hurt by a Defective Auto Airbag? Did it fail to deploy or explode? We can help. Complete the form to your left or call us today. ALERT: Auto Airbag maker Takata to pay $1 billion to settle US air bag probe. Source: Wall Street Journal The Japanese company Takata Corporation manufactures various pieces… Read More »

The Great USA Opioid Epidemic with Expert Insight

Opioid Epidemic Overview In September 2017, the White House declared that the opioid drug crisis was a national emergency. This statement came on the heels of the release of a presidential commission report that described the opioid epidemic death rate as ‘September 11th every three weeks.’ After the declaration, the White House instructed federal authorities… Read More »

Consumer Group Sets New Rule Making it Possible for Groups to Sue Banks

A consumer group announced a new rule making it easier for groups of individuals to sue financial service providers for wrongdoing. In the past, banks and credit card companies were able to protect themselves against class action lawsuits by including arbitration clauses in contracts which blocked people from creating or joining group lawsuits. This means… Read More »

Did Lumosity Scam Consumers?

This question is still up for debate, but findings from a recent study show there was no more improvement in memory and reasoning (cognitive skills) in young adults who used commercial cognitive training offered by Lumosity over those who spent the same amount of time playing video games. According to results from the study, which… Read More »

Takeda Airbag Death Poll Climbing

According to reports, a Florida woman who died in a car crash on July 19 may be the 19th person that has died as a result of Takeda’s defective airbags. While the exact cause of her death is still unknown, the National Highway Safety Administration said her car was equipped with an original Takeda airbag… Read More »

Proton Pump Inhibitors Linked to Early Death Study Suggests

Results from a new study suggest proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) such as Nexium may increase the risk of premature death. According to the study, risk for death is even increased in patients who use PPIs and who do not suffer from gastrointestinal problems; the risk for early death increases the longer a person uses a… Read More »

Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. to Pay $1.55 M for Marketing Fraud

Jessica Alba’s company Honest Co. agreed to pay $1.55 million to settle a nationwide marketing fraud lawsuit for allegedly making false claims that its products are all-natural, plant-based and chemical-free. Customers are entitled to recoup $2.50 for each product purchased. Customers with no proof of purchase can seek compensation for up to ten products. There… Read More »

How Billions of Consumers are Being Poisoned from the Friendly Skies

The airline industry likes to portray flying as the safest way to travel. However, some experts recently have issued dire warnings that airlines could be slowly poisoning passengers with contaminated air that they breathe during flight. The potential problem, these experts claim, is that jets require a regular supply of warm, compressed air for passengers… Read More »

Acid Reflux Drugs Should Carry Cancer Risk Argues ECAN

A cancer group asked makers of heartburn drugs such as Nexium and Prilosec to include a safety warning that long-term acid-reflux may lead to the development of esophageal cancer.. According to reports, esophageal cancer rates have increased 600 percent over the last 20 years, coinciding with use of antacid medications. While heartburn medications have not… Read More »

Statute of Limitations Associated with Talcum Powder Lawsuits

If you have been affected by the use of talcum powder or someone you know has been, contact us for a FREE case review your case and file a claim. There may be substantial compensation available. There is no charge or obligation attached to case reviews. Over the last few years, many medical experts have expressed… Read More »

GM Defective Ignition Switch Lawsuit + Recall Facts

General Motors (GM) has received a ton of negative attention lately for allegedly delaying the recall of 2.6 million vehicles with defective ignition switches. According to the recall, the faulty ignition switch could cause the engine to stall, resulting in a loss of vehicle control as well as loss of power steering, power brakes and… Read More »

Nexium Dropped from Tricare’s Preferred Drug List

Effective today, Tricare will no longer list the gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) medication Nexium as a preferred drug. This means some 338,000 patients must switch to another heartburn/acid reflux medication as it will no longer be available via Tricare or in military hospitals and clinics. Removing Nexium from the preferred drug list will save approximately… Read More »

Takata Corp. Files for Bankruptcy After Airbag Recalls

Weighted down by airbag recalls and personal injury lawsuits, the Japanese airbag maker Takata Corporation filed for bankruptcy protection on June 26 in both the US and Tokyo. The airbag manufacturer stated that is was the only option it had for continuing to produce replacements for defective airbag inflators that caused the deaths of at… Read More »