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There are several medications that have been created to control Type 2 Diabetes, one of which is Onglyza. This medication was approved in 2009 by the FDA for use by adults suffering with this chronic condition. While it does help maintain blood sugar levels, many patients have experienced several complications while taking it.

What is Onglyza?

Onglyza (generically saxagliptin) is a prescription medication that is produced by AstraZeneca. It is a medication that is in a class of drugs known as incretin mimetics. This medication works to control Type 2 Diabetes in adults.

Along with proper diet and exercise, this medication is supposed to lower blood sugar in adults who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It does so by stimulating the amount of insulin the pancreas secretes, thus regulating blood sugar levels.  Despite its ability to regulate the production of insulin by the pancreas, this medication has been linked to the development of severe and potentially deadly medication conditions, including pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, and heart failure. As a result, many lawsuits against the makers of Onglyza have been filed.

Onglyza and FDA Warnings

After several lawsuits were filed against AstraZeneca, the creators of Onglyza, several studies were conducted to thoroughly assess any negative implications that the medication may have on patients who take it. These studies did, in fact, reveal that this medication does, in fact, have serious implications on patients’ health.
As a result, the FDA has required that AstraZeneca make these negative implications known to patients prior to taking the medication. These warnings include:

In August of 2015, the FDA issued a warning that Onglyza may be linked to the development of severe and debilitating joint pain.

In February 2014, an analysis of clinical trial data lead the FDA to state a warning that Onglyza may lead to the increased likelihood of the development of heart failure that could result in hospitalization. The  Drug Safety Communication was published by the FDA and investigation of the medication was launched as a result of findings that were published in the New England Journal of Medicine that linked Onglyza to a 27 percent increase in the hospitalization for heart failure among those who had taken Onglyza.

The findings and the warnings issued by the FDA clearly illustrate the dangers that are linked to taking Onglyza with the development of serious and potentially deadly medical conditions.

Onglyza and Pancreatitis/Pancreatic Cancer

Onglyza works by helping the pancreas secrete more insulin and preventing the liver from making excess sugar. It is because of this effect on the pancreas that many patients have developed pancreatitis, a condition that leads to the inflammation of the pancreas. According to, a serious complication associated with Onglyza is the increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

As a result of these serious health complications, lawsuits are being filed against AstraZeneca, the makers of the medication. The lawsuits were filed based on the claims that the drug maker failed to indicate that the medication could affect the pancreas.

In response to these lawsuits, the FDA ordered an investigation that studied whether or not there was a link between taking Onglyza and pancreatitis. These investigations found that there was, indeed, a correlation between an increased risk of pancreatitis/pancreatic cancer and Onglyza. In 2013, a study was published in the journal of Diabetes that brought to light the research findings of the link between pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer and Onglyza.

Onglyza and Thyroid Cancer

In 2009, the FDA began to investigate the link between Onglyza and the increased risk of thyroid cancer. In 2011, it was found that a Victoza, a medication that acts very similarly to Onglyza, did, in fact, lead to an increased chance of the development of thyroid cancer on rodents who were treated with the medication. Additionally, another study that was conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, stated that people who used the medication were much more likely to develop thyroid cancer than those who did not take it.

Onglyza and Heart Failure

In 2013, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine stated that patients who took Onglyza had an increased chance of being hospitalized as a result of heart failure than those who did not take the medication. Heart failure, a condition that weakens the muscles in the heart, rendering it too weak to pump enough blood through the body, can be a deadly condition. Because of the severity of this condition, people who are diagnosed with heart failure must make drastic changes to their lifestyle in order to maintain their health.

As a result of the increased risk of heart failure while taking Onglyza, many lawsuits have been filed against AstraZeneca, the makers of the medication. These lawsuits were filed as a result of the company’s failure to let patients who took the medication know that heart failure was a potential outcome.

Onglyza Lawsuits

Given the findings that the Type 2 Diabetes medication Onglyza has been linked to causing the aforementioned medical conditions, including thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and heart failure, financial combination may be available in the form of a personal injury claim or Onglyza class actions lawsuit for individuals diagnosed with one of these conditions.  These lawsuits are based on the premise that the manufacturer of the medication did not provide warning of the potential health risks that it could cause, and withheld important safety information from both the medical community and consumers.

As a result of the many findings that link this medication to serious health risks, including death, countless law firms are encouraging those individuals who have been prescribed the medication and who have developed medical conditions that have been linked to the medication, including severe joint pain, thyroid cancer, heart failure, pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer, to seek legal assistance. These law firms are helping individuals seek compensation for the damages that they have suffered as a result of taking Onglyza, including the medical expenses they have incurred, loss of wages as a result of lost time at work, pain and suffering and more.

Legal Help for Onglyza

If you or someone you love has developed heart failure, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer or any other medical condition that may be linked to the use of Onglyza, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the makers of the drug, AstraZeneca.

In order to find out if you have a viable case against the makers of the Onglyza, you should know your legal rights. Contact a law firm to find out more.


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